Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Writers and Bloggers

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    As a writer and a blogger, you have the chance to turn your creativity and passion into a profession. Earning money through writing is not an easy task. First, you need to come up with an excellent idea for a blog. Then, you need to continuously publish valuable content that people will grow to like. And finally, you get to think about monetizing your efforts through affiliate marketing.

    All you need to do now is to find the best affiliate programs that match your niche or are suitable for pairing with your content. That’s why we’ve decided to share the top 10 best affiliate programs for writers and bloggers that you can choose from.

    Let’s break them down and see what they offer.


    Food & Health Niche

    Let’s start with one of the most powerful niches when it comes to affiliate marketing. The food and health niche is a great place to be when you’re looking for affiliate programs.

    So, if your blog is related to a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, fitness, nutrition, health tips, and likewise, here’s what we suggest for you.


    Bistro MD

    The first affiliate program in this niche is the Bistro MD program. This company delivers healthy meals directly to their clients.

    This way, it’s easy for the clients to respect their diet, lose weight, and stay healthy.

    But what’s in it for you? Here’s what you get:

    • $45 for each sale you make
    • 45-days cookie duration

    It’s a pretty solid offer for a passive income opportunity, and your readers will love learning about their meal plans and programs.


    Amazon Prime Pantry

    Amazon has numerous affiliate programs at your service. And, the Prime Pantry program might just be the best choice for you.

    You can learn about the registration process on their Amazon Associates page.

    You can invite your readers to shop here for:

    • ingredients for the recipes you’re sharing
    • healthy foods
    • gym meal prep food
    • groceries for their diet plan

    You’ll get a 5% commission on every sale, and your readers will get their food on their doorstep.


    Beauty Niche

    The next niche that’s certainly packed with affiliate opportunities is the beauty niche. If you’re blogging in this niche, make sure to check out the following two programs.



    As a blogger, you must share and recommend high-quality products. You don’t want your followers to be disappointed.

    Sephora is one of the leading beauty brands worldwide, and their affiliate program offers you:

    • access to at least 13000 items
    • 10% commission rate
    • 4% commission for returning clients
    • 30-day cookie duration

     It’s a great offer for beauty bloggers who want to make sure their readers trust their recommendations. However, Sephora will have to review your website and authorize you for their affiliate programs.


    Stila Cosmetics

    Another brand you can trust and proudly recommend to your readers is the Stila Cosmetics brand. Their affiliate program offers you:

    • 6% commission
    • 60-day cookie duration

    You know that this renowned makeup manufacturing company won’t let your readers down, so you can freely affiliate all their products. 

    And, since the brand is internationally recognized, you’ll probably have a great response to their offer.

    Don’t forget to add affiliate links to your content naturally to maintain blog quality. This “write my paper” writing service can help you polish your writing to perfection.


    Fashion Niche

    Now it’s time we find some affiliate programs for all you fashion bloggers. Here are our top 2 choices that we feel you should consider.



    Zaful is among the most popular fashion brand that offers affiliate programs. Their policy might just fit your needs. 

    Here’s what they offer:

    • above 10% commission rate
    • 60-day cookie duration

    Also, you get to receive promo codes for personal shopping, as well as some sample clothes and accessories. All you’ll need to do is send back photos or publish them on your social media. 

    Plus, your readers will love getting product recommendations and discounts using your codes.



    Another great opportunity for fashion bloggers and freelance writers is to join the NewChic affiliate program.

    NewChic is a fashion brand that offers everything, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. Their affiliate program is great because they offer:

    • up to 50% commission rate
    • 30-day cookie duration
    • free clothes worth US$30 to US$300 every month

    You’ll need to review their products and post about them, inviting your readers to follow the links to the products.


    Technology Niche

    The tech niche is another potentially strong market for finding great affiliate programs. Tech bloggers can find some seriously good offers listed below.



    You’ll hardly find a person who hasn’t heard about the revolutionary GoPro wearable technology brand. If you think your readers will like it, here’s what they offer:

    • 5% commission rate
    • 30-day cookie duration

    Plus, you’ll be promoting an extremely popular and respected brand, which will give you additional credibility.



    Gearbest is an online electronics seller that has everything from electronic bicycles to smartwatches. It’s a real gold mine for tech lovers such as your readers.

    Their affiliate program includes:

    • 15% commission rate
    • 30-day cookie duration

    If you like what you see on their website, think about how much your readers will like it if you share discount coupons with them.


    Blogging Niche

    Finally, if your blog focuses on helping other blogs grow, advertise, and improve, you should check out these blogging affiliate programs.



    Everyone needs a blog today. And, if your readers are interested in starting their blog, Bluehost has some great offers for them.

     As for you, you’ll receive:

    • $65 for each sign-up

    It’s that simple. And it’s one of the most popular affiliate programs overall.



    Last on our list is another program for those looking for domain names and hosting opportunities. Go Daddy offers you:

    • 40% commission sale

    Make sure to share these links following the writing rules of successful affiliate marketing.

    It’s a great opportunity to help fellow bloggers and earn some extra money from your blogging efforts. 


    Final Thoughts

    Writers and bloggers have the chance to connect to various affiliate programs, depending on their niche. When you’re choosing a program to join, make sure they offer quality products since you’ll be putting your name out for them.

    Use the list we’ve shared above to explore and find the affiliate programs most suitable for your blogging and writing ventures.