About Us!

The Management, Operations and Marketing Team

Deep experience combined with a vision for the future - means success for university students! We have a collective experience training serious students, be they CEOs or young entrepreneurs, that is beyond compare. It allows us to understand how to teach you, help you position your business, inspire you, and send you forth to conquer!

Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei, Founder and CTO
Zhang has been a senior technology officer for nearly 15 years. First, he was at the preeminent search firm for five years and then at the preeminent computing infrastructure company for ten years. He is a certified expert at systems architecture and high-performing web applications on Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure platforms. Despite being a founder and executive, Zhang continues to work as a web designer with his teams to stay sharp technically! Zhang continues to teach his team how to create high-quality websites with superior security, speed, and reliable performance.

Bernadette St Charles

Bernadette St Charles, Marketing Director
Bernadette has been working in executive marketing roles for over a dozen years. Prior to this, she worked as a marketing growth manager for a provider of cloud services and consulting, driving expansion for clients in the software and cloud-based computing industries. Her focus has always been on showing clients how to transform their start-ups and small companies into superior, high-growth operations. A key focus is on helping others create and improve brand awareness and add significant value to products and services.

Course Design, Technical, and Key Authors Team

Our team is composed of instructors and professional entrepreneurs who know technology and how to teach students.

Marie Corsair

Marie Corsair, Instructor and Course Designer, Team Lead

Marie is a long-time university adjunct and has a formal background in marketing, social media, and course design. She has been a consultant to corporations, instructors, and students for designing online courseware. Highly skilled as a project manager, she is uniquely positioned to lead our course design team. She specializes in social media strategies, brand development, adaptive learning methodologies, realism in assessment, and experiential learning.

Matthew Tremblay

Matthew Tremblay, Instructor and WordPress for Business Expert

Matthew began designing websites when in high school and was receiving funding for creating labs and training programs for local educational institutions and small companies.  He became interested in scaling and performance when one product launch brought down his server. Professional work, and success as an entrepreneur, led him from academia to industry - down the path to serial entrepreneurship.  He is the local technical guru!

Sarah Powers

Lisa Powers, Amazon Certified Engineer, and Course Designer

Lisa holds down the fort when it comes to AWS infrastructure as it relates to building an online business, course design, and implementation.  Lisa handles the backups, security, updating software and key infrastructure, and cloud-based servers and machines. As such her focus is on developing advanced courseware in managing the infrastructure of an online business and handling all the back-end tasks and activities that are critical.

Dan Olsteen

Dan Olsteen, Course Designer, Key Author, Entrepreneur

Dan has been a consulting Product Manager and Project Manager for major software companies across the U.S. and Europe. He is a sought-after speaker on Lean and Agile approaches and a successful entrepreneur. He has nearly two decades of experience in managing product teams across development, marketing, QA, technical publications, distribution, and post-launch growth hacking. He is equally at home developing products and growing the customer base.

Expert Support

Mark Corsair

"Myself, and the whole team, are here to help you with any need you may have. Please contact me at [email protected] and I will respond with assistance. I have been running Tech Support for well over a decade, and I consider myself the foundation of our organization. I provide support to my team and our customers. I take great pride in my response time and my helpfulness. I can typically solve any challenge in under 24 hours, although I often consult with my team and that can take a little bit longer. What can we do for you?" Mark Corsair [email protected]