Instructor & Trainer Overview

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Tech Support

We handle all the tech support for participants. No need for you to handle tech requests. Our experts respond in a timely fashion and provide support even for your customized materials. 

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Our community of fellow instructors ranges from trainers in corporate settings to professors at universities. We welcome you to join us on our regularly scheduled calls, and we have a library of materials available to you for reviewing and adopting. 

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Monthly Q&A Call

With a constant stream of new instructors and trainers, we host a monthly call to provide support for those getting started. Advanced topics are often discussed as well. We take input from members to create our monthly agenda - so we are sure to be directly supporting you. 

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We have content ranging from basic instruction to advanced topics. The material is partly determined by our experts and partly by instructor and trainer requests. The background of our team lends itself to creating world-class materials that are extremely current. 

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You are free to use our materials, customize our materials, or provide your own materials. Choose from a wide variety of material from our content library. Our team is happy to review any items you want to be integrated and provide feedback.

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1-on-1 sessions are available for teaming up with our experts to develop custom materials, identify new approaches to be adopted, discuss future plans, or work through any of the materials In our library. We have an excellent reputation as being a solid partner.

Feedback from Colleagues

Ben Greenfield

“With the current situation in the world, it became quite clear to me that my students needed to learn more about digital literacy.  I began asking around and came across GoEntreps when a colleague who has been using their materials for a few years now recommended them. They have exceeded my expectations in every aspect- especially as a brand new user to this domain of knowledge they were fantastically helpful.”

Ben Greenfield

Assistant Professor
Tony Siccaro 150x150

"This is the newest approach, and in my opinion, a great approach, to teaching these tech materials to students. I love the flexibility and customization. GoEntreps has become a real teaching partner working closely with me on my pedagogy. I knew I wanted to teach this but had no tech background. That did not matter - they handle all the tech support. I have learned so much over the past several semesters. My student evaluations of teaching are super - my students recognize the value of these materials and appreciate what I am doing for them!"

Tony Siccaro


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